Tea Culture Around The World

Tea is prevalent all over the world and there are many reasons behind that. First, drinking tea helps us refresh our body and mind. It’s also a great way to access all the nutrients provided by this amazing drink. Plus, tea is consumed during social events, and in many situations, it has become a pivotal part of those experiences. In fact, drinking tea is extremely important in many different cultures all over the world.


The Chinese culture has always been connected with tea in one form or another. In fact, Chinese people have been consuming tea since 2000 BCE or even earlier than that. At first, it was extremely important for them thanks to its medicinal purposes. As time went by, the Chinese started using it for its refreshing qualities. It’s a part of the Chinese gifting culture, and it’s also embedded within things like worshipping ancestors or performing courtship rituals. Nowadays, China is also one of the main tea suppliers worldwide.


As you might already know, Japan has a very impressive tea culture. They actually have their own tea drinking ceremony where you prepare and drink tea in a very specific fashion. It’s widely regarded as one of the best drinks out there, and while it was a luxury at first, now it’s a necessity in every person’s life. Matcha is a very common type of tea for Japanese people, with Bancha, Sencha and Gyokuro being some great examples.


India is one of the major tea producers in the entire world. People have been using tea for its medical benefits for a very long time. On top of that, it has become an integral part of the local economy and culture too. There are even tea-drinking traditions in India, as whenever you are invited by someone in their home, you will taste spiced, but sweet milk tea.


One thing you will notice about Morocco is that locals enjoy drinking got tea, more specifically Toureg tea. Tea is linked to hospitality, which is why you will receive tea 3 times per day if you are a guest in any Moroccan’s home. Each one of the glasses has its own meaning, the first one is life, the second one showcases love and the last one death.


Russia, like many other countries, has its own tea traditions. In this case, they have Zavarka, an extremely strong tea that’s created in a tea pot and which combines a multitude of ingredients to create a powerful, amazing beverage everyone will cherish and enjoy.


Not only is tea healthy and a great social experience, but many cultures created their own habits regarding tea-drinking. You will be impressed with how much tea is loved all over the world for its properties. So it’s easy to understand why many cultures have embedded various types of tea into different ceremonies and rituals all over the world!